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Headquartered In Eureka, California, Coast Central Credit Union Is The Largest Member-Owned Financial Institution On The North Coast.

Overview of the Coast Central Credit Union

Headquartered in Eureka, California, Coast Central Credit Union is the largest member-owned financial institution on the North Coast.

Overview of the Coast Central Credit Union

It was founded way back in 1950. There are more than 67,500 members associated with the organization. 

It operates 12 Member Services Branches and 18 ATMs throughout Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties.

In addition, with recent Coast Central Board of Directors approval, members now have access to 30,000 ATMs nationwide within the CO-OP Network without any fees for all transactions. 

“Belonging never felt better” is the motto of Coast Central Credit Union.

The address of Union’s headquarters is 2650 Harrison Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501.

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History of the Coast Central Credit Union 

Coast Central Credit Union was founded in 1950 as Humboldt County Employees Federal Credit Union (HCEFCU). The name was changed to Coast Federal Credit Union in the year 1976.

History of CCCU

The CCCU, a state and community-chartered organization, was officially formed on July 18, 1979, which merged with Redwood Central (a state-chartered credit union) and Coast Federal (a federally chartered credit union). 

At present, the membership is extended to people living in Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties.

Membership of the Coast Central Credit Union

The membership is extended to anybody living or working in Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties of the North Coast.

Membership of the Coast Central Credit Union

As a credit union, CCCU is owned by its members (as opposed to outside shareholders). $50 is minimum balance required to keep an account active. 

This money represents a members’ share of ownership and helps to conduct some of its day-to-day operations. 

If any situation arises where one has to  close his or her account after it’s been open more than 90 days, this $50 will be available to him or her in full.

Timeline of the CCCU

Here are some of the major highlights of the events since the establishment of the Coast Central Credit Union:

Timeline of the CCCU

  • 1950-1969

1950: Humboldt County Employees Federal Credit Union (HCEFCU) was formed.

  • 1970-1989

1975: HCEFCU celebrated its 25th anniversary and completed merger with Medical Employees Federal Credit Union.

1976: NCUA approved a name change of HCEFCU to Coast Federal Credit Union.

1979: Coast Central Credit Union (CCCU), a state and community-chartered organization, was officially formed on July 18, which merged Redwood Central (a state-chartered credit union) and Coast Federal (a federally chartered credit union). 

Membership encompassed all of Trinity and Del Norte counties and a portion of Humboldt County.

1989: CCCU began a network of “Automatic Teller Machine” (ATMs), offering members 24-hour instant access to cash, becoming the first financial institution to have ATMs in local Safeway and Co-op stores.

1989: Reached $100 million in assets.

  • 1990-2009

1994: Community charter expanded to include all of Humboldt County, officially serving all of its tri-county area.

1997: CCCU introduced online banking, one of the first 50 credit unions in the country to do so.

2000: 50 years of serving members and communities.

2001: Recognized for the first time as “Best Bank or Credit Union on the Northcoast” by readers of the Times-Standard.

2003: Theme of “Belonging Never Felt Better” was introduced.

  • 2010-Present

2012: Recognized as “Best Investment Firm” for the first time by Times-Standard readers.

2013: Acquired Chetco Federal Credit Union’s California members and assets.

2015: Surpassed 60,000 members, one-third population of the tri-county region.

2016: Reached 65,000 members, and $1.28 billion in assets.

2018: Coast Central Credit Union signed a contract with Corelation in San Diego to upgrade to a new core computer system in November 2019 for the first time in 30 years.

2019: Another VP position was added in the staff designated as Member Digital Services who is responsible for Online & Mobile Banking, Card Services, and Member Support Center.

Routing number of the Coast Central Credit Union

One can pay, retirement or Social Security check funds automatically deposited into your Coast Central Credit Union account with this free service.

Routing number of the Coast Central Credit Union

When setting up a direct deposit to account, one will be asked for his or her account number and Coast Central Credit Union’s routing number, which is 321172248.

Working Hours of the CCCU

Hours of operation at the CCCU are as follows:

Working Hours of the CCCU

From Monday to Thursday,

9:30 am to 5:30 pm

On Friday,

9:30 am to 6:00 pm

It remains closed on the Weekends.

The timings remains same for both Lobby Hours and Drive-up Hours.

Safety of Funds at the CCCU

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) insures a person’s share accounts up to at least $250,000, backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. 

Safety of Funds at the CCCU

The standard share insurance amount is $250,000 per share owner, per insured credit union, for each account ownership category. 

The $250,000 standard share insurance account became permanent through the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.

Services provided by the Coast Central Credit Union

With the wide variety of financial services available to Coast Central Credit Union’s customers online, there’s almost no need for them to leave their house to manage money.

Services provided by the Coast Central Credit Union

They can receive their paycheck electronically via direct deposit, then manage their funds and pay bills online without ever having to visit a Member Services Branch. 

Accessing accounts anytime, checking balance, making transfers, or paying bills, etc. Coast Central Online & Mobile Banking is all about simplifying financial life.

  • Online & Mobile Bill Pay

CCCU has a full-featured Bill Pay system that allows a person to view, manage, and pay all the bills in one easy and secure screen. 

  • Popmoney

When a person needs to transfer money to a friend or colleague on-the-go, they can use Coast Central Popmoney.

This Bill Pay feature allows to send funds from account directly to someone’s email address or mobile phone (via text message). 

They’ll be able to open the request and enter their account information, which initiates a transfer that will arrive within just a few business days.

  • E-Services (Statements, Letters, & Alerts)

E-Services are quicker, more secure way to receive statements, letters, and even automatic account alerts from Coast Central. 

Instead of waiting for a paper statement to arrive in the mail, one can receive an email and/or text message notification that one’s latest statement is available. 

One can also be notified if they have new letters or other correspondence available to view. One can view or print their documents whenever they need to. It’s also free to do the same.

E-Services gives access to a variety of different account alerts (E-Alerts), which are customized email and/or text notifications about activity on a person’s accounts. 

One can choose to receive alerts when their checking balance goes below a certain threshold, when a loan payment is coming due, or for a number of other useful circumstances. 

One can even set up personal alerts to be delivered whenever they like, such as birthday notifications or appointment reminders.

  • Mobile & Text Banking

One can access the aforementioned feature via most smartphones and mobile devices. 

As long as a person has the ability to easily navigate the Internet, he shouldn’t have any problems logging in and doing the transactions.

  • Card Control

The Coast Central Card Control App gives a person control and extra security every time they use their Visa Credit and Debit cards either locally or while traveling. 

It is also noteworthy that the Enrollment is quick and easy.

  • MoneyMaster

CCCU’S personal financial tool allows to manage a person’s finances at all institutions in one place. One can set spending budgets, financial goals, and retirement planning.

Benefits provided by the CCCU

Coast Central Credit Union provides a lot of facilities to its  customers. Some of them are as follows:

Benefits provided by the CCCU

  • Control of Customers

Coast Central Credit Union offers control of finances to its customers. 

Customers can control their funds from anywhere due to the presence of a network of over 30,000 free ATMs nationwide ,11 convenience member services branches backed with the latest digital banking solutions.

  • Extraordinary Service 

Coast Central Credit Union believes in the maxim of “people helping people”. 

The organization tries to work in an efficient manner which can bring financial success of the individual, business, and community organizations throughout Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties. 

Due to the presence of high quality, personal and business products, competitive rates and fees, and exceptional service delivered by its employees, Coast Central Credit Union, permanently  displays its calibre.

  • Obligation towards Communities

Coast Central Credit Union annually pledges $400,000 towards Not-for-Profit organisations like CASA, Senior Resource Center, Food for People Special Olympics, friend of Little League, Youth Soccer, and much more. 

Moreover, employees of Coast Central Credit Union come forward and volunteer thousands of hours each year throughout it’s tri-county region.

Financial Condition of the Coast Central Credit Union

In 2016, CCCU’s lending programs were successful as it enhanced the online mortgage application process, which allowed members to apply for a home loan from home or wherever they might be.

Financial Condition of the Coast Central Credit Union

Over 8,135 loans were granted in 2016 amounting to $258 million in loans funded.Total assets of CCCU increased by 10.3 % to $1.200 billion and total capital increased by 5% to over $135.5 million in 2016. 

The strength and soundness of the CCCU comes from the continued support of its members and its prudent financial management resulted in a year of strong financial performance with a net income result of $10.8 million.

Plaudits of CCCU

BauerFinancial, Inc. recently conferred upon Coast Central Credit Union, a Five-Star SUPERIOR Rating for the 95th consecutive quarter as of March 2018.

Plaudits of CCCU

The rating has been bestowed upon the Coast Central Credit Union since 1994 and validates the organization to become one of the strongest, financially-sound credit unions in the nation. 

BauerFinancial, Inc. is the leading credit union and bank rating and research firm in the US. It has been reporting as well as analyzing the performance of the various US credit union and banks since1985. 

The star ratings categorises each institution based on factors such as capital, historical trends, loan delinquencies, profitability, asset quality, reserves, and charge-offs.

CCCU’s members’ completed a “quality service” survey. The survey showed that 76 % of its  members consider Coast Central to be their primary financial institution. 

In 2016, CCCU was voted as “the Best Credit Union on the North Coast” in the Times-Standard’s annual Best of the North Coast Reader’s Choice Awards.” 

CCCU has been honoured with this award every year since its inception fifteen years ago. 

The organization also received two additional Times Standard awards for “Best Real Estate Lender / Mortgage Company, and Best Place to Get a Loan.” 

In addition, readers of the North Coast Journal awarded CCCU with the “Best of Humboldt” in the Bank /Credit Union, Best Mortgage, and Best Customer Service” categories. 

The Del Norte Triplicate newspaper honored the organization as the “Best Financial Institution” for the ninth consecutive year, as well as a separate award for Best Mortgage Agent.

Community Services of the Coast Central Credit Union

CCCU approved $100,000 in grants to eight local organizations for its spring 2019 round of community giving.

Community Services of the Coast Central Credit Union

Coast Central Credit Union believes in giving back to the communities it serves.

 In 2007, its volunteer Board of Directors introduced a new layer of investing in its community : Coast Central Community Investment Program. 

In 2016, this program awarded S100,000 in grants ranging from $5,00 to $25,000. In 2016, ten such grants were awarded to non-profit organizations throughout the tri-county area. 

Its members, Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, management and staff have also collectively contributed thousands of hours and generous financial support to many community organizations such as the Humboldt Senior Resource Center, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, the Humboldt Botanical Gardens, KEET-TV, St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, Food for People, and various area youth activities, local art, music and theater organizations. 

Additionally, through scholarships, CCCU has invested over S800,000 into the futures of over 300 local high school seniors over a 29-year span. 

Each of these scholarship recipients has continued his or her education at the College of the Redwoods, Shastra Community College, Chicago State University or Humboldt State University.

Coast Central also supports its communities through sponsorship, college scholarship, and employee volunteer programs. 

 Spring recipients include:

  • Del Norte County 

$25,000:  Family Resource Center of the Redwoods for a truck for food pick-ups/drop offs (over 1,500 families in need  impacted)

  • Humboldt County

$24,000:  Affordable Homeless Housing for a mobile hygiene station (over 1,500 homeless individuals impacted)

$12,200:  Humboldt Youth Soccer for new goals (1,100 youth  impacted)

$8,000:  Adult Day Health of Mad River for new carpeting (over 75 dependent-care adults impacted)

$4,000:  Redwood Empire BMX for bleachers (thousands of family members & 200 youth impacted)

$3,800:  Humboldt Spay/Neuter Network for kennels for large dogs (1,200 stray dogs annually impacted)

  • Trinity County

$12,000:  Burnt Ranch School for new playground after mold destruction (700 community members & students impacted)

$11,000:  Southern Trinity Volunteer Fire for new breathing apparatus  (24 firefighters & 2,000 residents impacted)

Mission of the CCCU

Coast Central Credit Union’s core mission is to be the primary financial institution for members by providing high quality financial services at competitively favorable rates consistent with maintaining financial strength.

Mission of the CCCU

As the largest member-owned financial cooperative in the tri-county area, Coast Central Credit Union is committed to providing a one-stop experience servicing all the financial needs of its membership. 

Coast Central Credit Union delivers on what its members’ expect from their credit union by offering higher interest rates on deposits, lower fees, competitive personal and business loans, comprehensive online and mobile banking, and a broad range of financial planning products.