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The first tip for successful crowdfunding is the same advice you would receive as an inventor. Your new product should be seen as a practical problem-solving solution to an issue shared by many.
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Nowadays, everybody wants to get the benefit of pressurized water supply and this is where water pumps play a vital role in it. With the coming of water pumps, the issues related displacement of water and pressurized water supply has been resolved. Seeing the growing demand of water pumps, it has also increased the competition amongst the pump manufacturers both online and offline. Making things
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We have one hell of a line up for the Singing & Swinging Pubs Competition at Metro 17 in Wexford Town this year, our show in on this Friday at 11pm.
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Your pitch should be memorable and offer a course of immediate action. You must be ready to move forward the day of the pitch.
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Credence was born from a compelling opportunity in the financial services world. In the ever changing dynamic world of financial services, it is important for us to tailor advice and solutions to individual needs. Clients need solutions that make them money and preserve their capital and advisors need happy clients with increasing wealth under management. By harnessing the skills of t
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