Buyer's Guide: An Introduction To Lace Front Wigs And Wig Wear
Here at Pish Posh Wigs, it doesn't matter if you're brand new to the wonderful world of lace front wigs or already accustomed to buying and wearing them. Our informational Buyer's Guide will offer some tips, tricks, and general advice on buying, wearing, and styling lace front wigs that can benefit all wig enthusiasts, new or old.

How Do I Wear A Lace Front Wig?

  • Since this is an introduction to lace front wigs, first thing's first -- What exactly is a "lace front" wig?

    Lace front wigs are created through a unique process called "ventilation" wherein individual wig fiber is looped by hand through a thin strip of lace in order to mimic a natural looking hairline. This lace is located specifically along the r and sides of the wig. Due to lace being translucent, it can be perfectly blended to match any skin tone underneath and appeathe hairline r practically invisible When worn correctly, the wearer is left with a beautiful and natural looking that could fool All of the wigs available in our wig shop are gorgeous, hand-ventilated lace front wigs.

    Now that we have a little bit of context on how these beautiful and unique wigs are created, let's answer some other common questions about lace front wigs, and even just wigs in general:

  • Like most other styles of wigs, individual groups of fiber called "wefts" are sewn onto a stretchable cap that allow the wig to be worn similarly to a swimmer's cap or a hat. We suggest using mesh or nylon wig caps to keep any hair in place underneath the wig and prevent issues such as discomfort or wig slippage. Once the wig is on, the tightness of the fit can be adjusted using small hooks located behind the ears. Each of these hooks can stretched out and secured into one of many small openings along the nape of the neck in order to find your perfect fit. A wig should be worn tightly enough so that it isn't slipping off of the head, but loose enough to adjust freely. If a wig is causing issues such as headaches or leaving painful markings, it most likely needs to be loosened. For a visual reference on how to put on your wig, check out our tutorial section for some helpful videos!

"What Kind Of Wig Cap Should I Wear Beneath The Wig?"

  • This depends on a variety of factors. In our wig shop, we sell two distinct types of wig caps: Mesh and Nylon. The mesh wig cap has many small holes that allow it to stretch further, and allow for things such as bobby pins to be pushed through the wig and secured into the cap below. This is helpful when wearing particularly heavy or big wigs. Nylon wig caps cover the entirety of the head without any holes and provide a more snug fit. The color of your wig should also be taken into consideration when choosing your wig cap. When wearing a light color such as a blonde wig, we recommend wearing a nude cap to avoid any possibility of the color showing through. Similarly, when wearing a black wig, we would recommend a black wig cap. When it comes to borderline colors such as a red wig, a good rule of thumb is to check the netting color on the underside of the wig and choose your cap color to correspond with that.

"What Do I Do With The Lace?"

  • As you can see in our product photos, all brand new Pish Posh lace front wigs come with overextended lace that typically reaches the eyes. The reason for this is to allow the wearer enough length to trim and fit the lace to their unique face shape and customize the hairline however they see fit. When trimming the lace, we recommend cutting within a few centimeters of the hairline, being careful to avoid cutting where there is any fiber present. You'll want to leave enough plain lace (without any fiber) so that it can easily be glued or taped down, and then blended with the skin. Please note that only lace front specific adhesives approved for usage on skin should be used when wearing these wigs.

"What Makes Lace Front Wigs "Special" Compared To Normal Wigs?"

  • The charm of lace front wigs is directly in the name. Due to fibers along the hairline being gradually ventilated through lace, these wigs have a very natural looking appearance. When worn correctly, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between a lace front wig and natural hair. This makes lace front wigs extremely valuable to fields such as Drag Racing, modeling, and anything to do with the fashion industry. Due to the cheaper price of synthetic fiber, lace front wigs have also become increasingly popular among Instagram and Youtube beauty personalities due to their ability to create a new and glamorous appearance without any long-time commitment.

"What Does The Word "Synthetic" Mean In Wigs?"

  • When the word "Synthetic" is used, it's describing the type of fiber, or the "hair", used to create it. Synthetic wig fiber is cheaper to produce and purchase, making it it a cost effective alternative to wigs made with real human hair. Synthetic fiber also allows for unique colors to appear more vibrant and lively due to the dyeing process used. Our blonde wigs have brilliant yellow tones, red wigs have striking and fiery hues, and black wigs are rich in color that will never fade away. With many different synthetic fibers of varying quality on the market, we take pride that our wig store carries only the highest quality heat and tangle resistant fiber.

These are a few basic tips to benefit all those looking to buy and wear lace front wigs, or those looking to simply expand their knowledge on the world of wig wear. As a specialty wig store, we feel it's our responsibility to answer your questions and make sure our products can be used to their fullest potential. Be sure to keep an eye out for more articles expanding on how to care for, style, and make the best of your very own Pish Posh wig.

Article Summary:

Our informational Buyer's Guide is here to help all wig enthusiasts, new and old, learn explanation about how these beautiful wigs are made and what exactly makes them so more about the wonderful world of lace front wigs. In our first article, we go into a brief special, along with instructions on how to properly wear them.

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How to Put on a Lace Front Wig (Tutorial)


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